Harnesses on C-pillar

I searched and on a couple of threads people said you can mount racing harnesses on a C-pillar bar. I was wondering how safe it is too mount them to the c-pillar bar?

dont do it

Safe? Not safe at all. For your own safety, and for the safety of whoever rides in your car, please don’t do it.

Just mount them to where the rear seat buckles mount.

ok, thanks

i heard that wasnt safe either. i heard that if you get into an acident with the harnesses attched somewhere below you shoulders for example the rear seatbelt mounts then you can compress your spine. i am pretty sure its just safest to mount them to either a harness bar or a roll cage.

can someone explain to me why just attaching them to the c pillar bar would not be safe?

the c pillar bars are probably just not strong enough to hold up during a high speed impact because they are designed to improve chassis rigidity and not to suport you. plus some c pillar bars such as the EM racing one is quick detachable and i dont imagine that being safe or at least i wouldnt trust it. also some c pillar bars are made of carbon which could snap under stress obviously not being safe. but these are just my assumptions so dont take my word for it.

I have a Ogle C pillar bar thats beefy as hell. I bet it would work if you wanted to mount them to it.

That’s not the reason, entirely at least.

The way the seat belts are mounted stock is designed so no back injury occurs. You have the mount the belts a certain way to mock this.

Ogle bars ARE NOT supposed to be used as harness bars. C pillar bars are designed for compression forces, NOT SHEAR FORCES. You can mount a harness to the C pillar REAR SEATBELT MOUNT safely, but NOT ANY C PILLAR BAR.

So would mounting them to the C pillar bar mounts be OK??

Like ‘chsscott’ said, it’s possible.

As far as safety, you should read this: http://www.jdmcivic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24880 especially pertaining to page 2.

search google for the NHRA guidlines for Harness installations, if you show up to a track with them mounted that way “MOST” (not ALL) tech inspectors wont pass you. The over the shoulder mounts must be mounted within some many inches below the shoulders as to not cause damage on impact,

just like quoted above…

its not safe, the car stops as you move forward the straps pull you down (because they are mounted lower than your shoulders) this could result in a spine injury or paralysis…

Just spend the extra $$$ and have a correct Roll bar put in and mount them that way…

Ben ogle as already stated somewhere on old post that he didn’t make his bars so you can attach harnesses to it and that hey wouldn’t be responsible if you did, Yes it may be beefy as hell, and strong, but again it’s not designed to do so. You don’t know what would happen if you did infact get into a accident. So just do the right thing and save for a part designed for that job and not something you THINK will work.

EM racing one is pretty scary if you did use it for that, if you’ve seen them and just yanked on it feels really weak compared to a ben ogle one, i was able to bend it pretty easily a inch or two, imagine if you hooked up your harness to a EM bar and were in a accident i don’t know how well it would hold up against a guy weighing over 150 pounds going 30-40 miles per hour suddenly pulling on it

Yeah the EMR bars are made out of aluminum, and the ogle bar is made out of steel I think. But once the EMR bar is in, it’s pretty durable. I have 4 of them in the rear of my car. Your best bet to mount the belts is to have a bar that goes horizontal behind the seats somewhere that is at the correct height, and then you can mount the belts to the lower mounts were the rear seatbelts mount. That would keep tension at were the bar is mounted.

you would either need a cage or something like this. This topic has been covered numerous times on other forums and I’ve seen the aftermath of what happens when harnesses are incorrectly installed. Not a pretty picture. Ideally you want a cage or something similar to this. This Mugen (not Megan) unit is for an NSX but you get the idea.

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umm yeah the car was side swiped but it shows how these bars will snap on yer ass like this…

some what off topic but can someone post close up pics of the c-pillar and how they bolt up, thanks