Has anyone added 'power windows down' option on their car alarm?

Like the subject says, I was just wondernig if anyone has hooked up their option button on their alarm remote to automatically roll the windows down…

Does anyone know the detail as to which wire to splice to get them down? There are a few things that might be a possibility, but thought I would try posting to see if anyone has the real answer…


i dont know how to do it exactly but i do know you’ll need a window roll up module that is seperate from the alarm brain. on mine it rolls up when i arm but doesnt roll down. i’m not sure if you can rewire the module to make it roll down instead. you’ll want to talk to a place that does alarms and have them do.

I don’t know. If it has a programmed output to roll down the windows, then all you would need is a relay, and possibly a diode

I have one on mine. But it is Clifford’s Smart Windows 4 which rolls down and up, vents, and gives soft touch to all the buttons. It is very nice to have.

As for which wire, I can’t remember. I would have to look at the circuit, but you should be able to figure it out with a multimeter.