Has anyone destroyed their Final Drive Gear and Countershaft

Has anyone destroyed their Final Drive Ring Gear and Countershaft? I will post pics of the damage. I broke quite a few teeth on the countershaft, and messed up up 20 teeth on the ring gear.:tsk: I guess i should be more careful.

how the hell did you do that?

I believe debris or F.O.D. (Foreign Object Damage), is the main cause of my tranny being destroyed. The bearing s are good, I countd over 44 teeth broken. No tranny shop has the parts I need. :sad:. If anyone has a 90-91 JDM S1 or USDM s1 tranny, i will buy it.

damn, that sucks kevin. fod, hehe, lemme guess, you’re in the military? good luck getting tranny parts.

Yeah it sucks an no one in town carries this stuff:sad: Yeah i was military at one time. FOD is stuff that destroys an engine.