Has anyone tried Bar's Leak Head Gasket Repair?

I think I might have a blown head gasket. There is a little bit of milkiness on the under side of my oil cap and it seems my car is steaming more than it should. I don’t have the money to get it fixed at the moment. So I want to know if this product works and if it will mess the engine up for possible future repairs.

irontite works really well

Its kinda a PITA sometimes though when you actually go to do the headgasket later on. The stuff kind of “welds” itself between the gasket and the block and head. One time we had an old FJ (Toyota) that we were trying to do a HG on, and obviously someone used some sealer on it before. We had everything undone, and had a cherry picker hooked to it pulling up. We kept thinking we forgot a bolt or something, and as we were poking around in there the head just totally popped off. Just about hit me in the head haha. Cleaning all the sh** off it was the biggest PITA ever haha. I had to hammer and chisel it off carefully, and even then didnt get it all. We just ended up taking it to a machine shop and they got the rest off somehow. Just letting you know. Also, it doesnt always work. We had a lot of cars come in with blown HG’s (mostly subaru’s), and it worked on like 1 out of 6 or 7, and it only lasted a little while. It is definately not a permanent fix.

What he said covers everything. I have an very high mileage motor 355k very tired and i have done it all. It did helped me from coolant lost for about 8 months, But yea as time came to remove the motor head and its just probably trash to me now it will have buildups exactly what JETT_07 mention.

I have the motor block in the garage right now and its nasty i tell u and probably not good for cooling as it is thick and buildup between the sleeves and all the heads coolant hole that flows coolant. Dont believe me just ask JETT_07.

If u do plan to get another motor later and not care really about this old one then it doesnt hurt to try it out if u do get bad idling and overheating sooner or later. I am neutral about this since its ur only motor right now til u have money for a new or used motor swap in. If u just going to repair the same motor i dont RECOMMEND it.

I would never use that shit.
I dont like using fuel additives, radiator sealer or chemical flush, oil and AFT additives.
It is better to just make the repair and go on.