Hatch creeking

The hatch on my 91 teg keeps creeking when I go over the slightest bump. I’ve been told to try to adjust it with the rubber stoppers on the hatch but it does not seem to help. This is getting really annoying. Any ideas???

Get new weatherstripping?
Make sure all the plastic trim is attached properly?

mines been doing it for over a year… . me tinks itz kinda kewl . . . heheheh… :smiley:

On the outside edges of the hatch there are two coiled pieces of rubber try to turn them so that they stick out a bit more.That might settle it down.Another fix is put a piece of paper overlapping the brake lights and the interior of the hatch close the hatch now see if the paper will slide.There should be a little drag when you pull on the paper if not those 6inch pieces of rubber on the hatch itself are probably worn out.I replaced them with some heavy weather stripping and it works great.


Thanks for the ideas…

OK…heres how you fix it. You need to take off the metal hoop part (the part that is attached to the hatch itself) and that latches to the body of the car. Take off the two screws (there on pretty tight) and remove it. Theres a metal shim behind it and take that off and reattach