Hatch Light On

Okay here’s the problem. My hatch light is on, and what I’ve come down to is where it locks in the rear, the black stuff is all worn and cracked. it’s completely chipped and what not. I put some electric tape on the hook connected to the hatch and it closes somewhat but not completely. What can I do to remedy this problem? Should I go about and replace the rear latch or what? If anything I’d like to get rid of the hatch light. Cuz it bothers me. When the back is closed it seems like the hatch stays put. It’s real tight but it takes more then 5 times to try and close the damn thing. ANY suggestions welcomed!

well a pic would be helpful if possible

it could be the henge on the trunk, it might not be straight and I would replace the black thing that you taped… Lol

di you check and see if anything was loose?

Driftahboi, did you ever solve this problem? I have this same prob. My latch has a hard time closing…and like you takes quite a few slams to get the hatch shut.

mine went out some years ago I spray the hatch with lube spray it went away…

Adjust the latch up a little higher. 94