Hatch release is stuck open

Ok so I went and opened my hatch and now its not locking shut. The cable seems to be stuck somewhere and is holding it in the open position. I tried opening the part with the lever down by the seat, there was one screw there that I removed but it the plastic cover piece does not want to come off. As well the lever feels very loose. I also tried looking at the locknig mechanism where the hatch locks in and I cant see anythnig out of the ordinary.

Has anyone else had this problem? I dont really want to tear apart the whole interior to get at this release cable. My hatch has been open for the last couple days and I need to get this fixed. Thanks for any help

Try doing the tape on the striker trick or rollup some paper and place it on the ketch. There is a piece of plastic on the ketch that can break. When the plastic breaks the striker does not push the ketch far enough to lock. I had the same problem on my CRX. I have an extra G2 ketch assy if you are interested please email me at jeff.collins@volvo.com