hatch strut bolt broken off frame, ideas? (pics)

So I go to replace the hatch strut and find the bolt has ripped off the hatch taking the frame bit around with it. Anyone have any ideas, is it possible to somehow weld it back?

I’ve tried using this knead it stuff which drys like concrete only thing is it doesn’t stick to the hatch and theres no way to get my hand on the otherside of that hole. Help!

I would just replace the hatch.

I was kinda hoping to avoid that as it seems like it would be the most expensive option

You could always pull one of these

take it to a body shop

take it to a shop and have them weld a piece of metal in there and then drill a hole for the bolt.


How did you do that, if you don’t mind me asking?

Finally managed to undo the black nut from the bolt. Was on pretty tough and managed to break a spanner in the process lol.

How did you do that, if you don’t mind me asking?

I bought the car off my brother at xmas. Don’t know how he did it, he didn’t even know it was broken. Its a pretty weak part of the frame for the amount of weight it has to take. Years of slamming took its toll. I think my car is the only one that has had it happen lol

Cheers for the advice will take it to the body shop when I’ve got some spare time.