Having major problems with my car not starting :(

hey guys,
Lately Ive been having problems with a power draw which basically making me have to play “little miss sunshine” to get my car running.
The battery doesnt seem to be drained, it just wont turn on. I turn the key and the dash lights up as it should and after holding it i get a CEL. I dont hear anything- nothing happens. This normally leads to me pushing my car and jumping in it to pop it on. Sometimes I could go several hours with it being fine, others 3-5hrs. This car doesnt make me want to drive it at this point.

I really have no idea how to even figure out whats causing it. The only things I figure it could be would be the alarm or the radio- and it doesnt seem to be either one.

any ideas?

Next time it will not start, try a “bypass jump”, if engine cranks, BE CAREFULL engine will crank even if ign. is off and car is in gear, check the ign. switch, a common problem on G2s… http://techauto.awardspace.com/ignitionswitch.html 94

another common problem is the main relay. my car wouldnt start if it was sitting in the sun for a long time, or if i drove for a pretty long time. i just went to autozone and picked up the part.

I had the same problem too and just replaced the main relay and worked. I suggest you take it off first and take it to autozone because they wont find it just with the name. I had to show it to them so they could find it.

It has nothing to do with the PGM-FI Main Relay, the motor will not crank [starter problem] but will start with a bump start.

crazy seaman have you tried the bypass jump yet? 94