having trouble installing clutch cable

hey guys my clutch cable on my 92 integra broke yesterday so i got a new one from advance. taking it off was cake but now i can’t get it back in the bracket on the tranny. it seems the cable’s too short but i got one out of my friends 91 integra and that didn’t reach either and we tried to put the old one back on and it didn’t reach.

i’m all out of ideas…i thought it was goin to be a breeze…unhook it here and there and reverse for install but it’s just not working out for me. any ideas would be appreicated cause my car’s just sitting on campus and i just turbo’d it so i dont feel safe leaving it there too long.

Most of the people that had trouble putting the cable on did not have it all routed in the correct place. If you search on this I know there are at least a few threads that discussed this very same issue.

I could be wrong, but I seem to remember something about not installing the boot in the firewall or leaving the pedal disconnected while you work under the hood. I don’t have my repair manual with me so you may have to look this up.

work in reverse if all else fails, hook up the tranny first, make sure you pull as much through the firewall as you can and keep it in the brackets without sharp bends and hook it to the clucth pedal last. I had to do this at 2 am. without any sort of light and it was easier for me this way.

thanks guys it was routed wrong…i was working with a flashlight last nite so it was hard to see.

I had to get my car towed to the shop yesterday when my clutch cable snapped on the highway. The mechanic wanted to charge me $60 so I went to the car and put it in myself, right there.

After a little trial and error it was in. At first I tried to hook it on the pedal first, then run it through and connect the other end to the clutch. Did not work, it was not reaching the clutch. So I hooked it on the clutch first, and then to the pedal and it slipped on without me having to pull and tug. I can post a pic of where it’s routed.

yeah there’s a hole u gotta thread it through…thanks tho :smiley: i’m glad u figured it out too

I’m having trouble getting the clutch to feel right. Right now the clutch only engages/disengages when the pedal is almost to the floor, about 1 inch.

Do I need to tighten it? I had it tighter before but it was harder to push on the pedal than I remember, and I was afraid I might burst the cable again.
Is it normal for the pedal to be harder to press with a new cable?
I read somewhere that the clutch “lever” is only supposed to have about 5mm of free play.

try adjusting the nut on the cable or the nut on the clutch pedal.

My clutch engages also when the pedal is almost close to the floor, but that’s my personal preference since a higher engagement point gives me leg cramps. Anyway, if you want to raise the engagement point, screw in the white plastic adjustment nut at the transmission end of the cable (move it closer to the transmission than the firewall). However, don’t set it too high that the the clutch is slipping or you have a relatively higher than normal RPM per KPH(MPH).

A new cable shouldn’t be harder to press, all things equal. I found out from my present replacement cable that eventually through time the grease in the cable dries out to a crud-like substance that makes the cable seem to bind in the casing. What I did was to take the cable out and put in more lubricant. I didn’t use WD-40 and its ilk since it tends to dry out and wash out easily. I used bicycle chain oil (Pedro’s, White Lightning, etc.) since that stuff has a waxy consistency that doesn’t dry out (checked the grease on my bike chain in the dead of winter and it didn’t gum-up). Now the clutch pedal moves so darn smooth my left leg had to get used to it for a while.

Check the manner in which the cable snakes through the engine bay. Make sure it fills out with no sharp turns. Also check the lever free play. Everything might be OK but the free play may be too loose such that the slack only gets taken up one inch from the floor.

All of these you should be able to do on your own. Have fun getting your hands dirty.