Hawk and Axxis dust badly

Have tried hawk HPS and Axxis Ultimates and they both dust pretty heavily for me. Anybody find some hi temp pads that don’t dust?

I’m using Best Brake Select ceramic pads from Kragens and I’m loving it. No dust and the initial bite is awesome. I know it’s not in the high class range but it does the job for DD…

I don’t think there will be a hi temp performance pad that won’t dust. Even with my Endless CCA i get heavy dust after about a week. Same with the Endless SSS, but not so much with the Endless VN.

yeah, most good pads are dusty. if you want blingin clean wheels to stay clean on the street, just get a set of commuter car pads. change pads when you change tires to go to the track. you dont need to run mega pads on the street unless you drive the piss out of your car on surface streets. if thats the case, consider having to clean your rims so much as payment for having so much fun :slight_smile:

I’d search honda-tech, it might be tough finding any info about dust in the RR/AutoX forum, but maybe not… It’s definitely worth a try.

I used to run Ultimates all the time when I had my white wheels many years ago, I didn’t mind the dust cause I washed my car once a week and I loved the pads. I got another set for my current DA and ended up with white wheels again. Maybe I’m just more picky now cause I have nicer wheels but these things are covered in under 30 miles!

If dust is really that big of a deal I’d probably go the route of weasel, some basic pads for around town and then something more aggressive for the track.

Also, I think the AEM and EBS pads don’t dust as much, but they also aren’t as highly recommended as the Hawks and Axxis’s.

I run the Hawk HP Plus in front and HPS in the rears. The HPS are less dusty than the plus, but still has a great initial bite. AEM are less radical and put out a brown/goldish dust.

don’t forget our cars brake more in the front then the back so that’s not a clear testing.

I have useed many of brake pads at work the best that i ever found was Centric’s brand Called Posi Quiets ceramics very good grip low dust and they dont eat your rotors.

Duralast got to be the worst brake pad in the world they make pounds of dust and were out fast. but they do brake good