hazard lights dont work

i have a 91 gs and the hazard lights dont work but the turn signals work fine. Ive replaced the switch too and they still dont work. The fuse isnt blown too because ive replaced that too just in case. Any suggestions? I guess what im asking is how do i check the wiring? Thankss

Hmmmm, strange, if the fuse is good and the switch is good and the signal lights work, so should the hazards.

Everything after the switch is common between hazards and signal lights.

Pull the switch and confirm you have power on the white/green lead, [hot at all times] if so, turn hazard switch on and test for power on the green/white lead, [hot at all times if hazard switch on] if so, test for power on the green/red lead, if so, test for power on the green/yellow and green and green/blue leads.:corn:94

Thanks ill go try that

i have the same problem , i have no idea whats going on, i got 3 switches but still nothing.

did what u suggested and its all good, "hot all the time , but still nothing

Sounds like you need an intergrated control unit I have several of them in perfect working condition forsale 27 dollers shipped each lmk my email is dateggy21@hotmail.com.A buddy of mines had that same problem and turned out to be the icu,not hard to replace.

The ICU controls only the front side markers, front and rear signal/hazard lights are controled directly by the signal light switch or the hazard switch with both powers going through the hazard switch. 94

same with me for my hazards, and rear defrosters… i guess i have to get new switch…but the defroster thingy on one side of window fell off so will it even still work with other thingy still on passenger side rear… fcm ur so smart :slight_smile:

Before you go assuming that its the ICU check to make sure that the wire on the Positive batter terminal is connected. I had this same issue and it ended up being that small 14gauge wire was not connected. Strangely Honda gave the DA’s there own wire on the positive battery terminal along with a 15amp fuse just for the hazzard lights.

i appreciate all this help, thankss

Sorry for reviving old posts but i have a 92 db2 with the same problem. My hazards have never worked since i got the car. However with key on i have power to the dash switch and no power out. When i turn the switch on i have power in and out but only to on one wire. Should ther be more? When the switch is on my turn signals dont work which would indicate that the switch is good since it overides the turn signals right? I have changed the hazaed switch, turn switch combo, flasher, and fuses with no results obviously. An erlier reply mentioned a 14 guage wire direct to battery on obdo. i dont have that being obd1 right?. So where do i look next?
Thanks for any help…

I have the same problem as well replaced the hazard switch and it still didn’t work but turn signals and sidemarkers work normally…I don’t kno what else to try and fuses are good as well

If your, [both of you] signal lights work then everything after the hazard switch is good so the problem has to be the switch itself or a problem before the switch, [power].

There are two power lead going to the switch, a yellow or yellow/red, signal light power, fuse 1 - 10A (91-93) 23 - 10A (90), [hot in run and start] in under dash fuse box, if signal lights work obviously that fuse is good.
The other power is for the hazard lights, white/green fuse 34 - 10A (CDM) not specified (USDM, depends on if you have ABS or not) hot at all times, [in engine bay fuse box.

All the hazard light switch does is select which power goes through the switch and out to the “Turn Signal/Hazard Relay”, [output lead is the green/white] the output from the TS/HR, [green/red] goes to both the turn signal switch and back to the hazard switch.

Both of you need to pull the switch and test for the two input powers, white/green, [hot at all times] and the yellow or yellow/red, [hot in run and start].

Because you have replaced the switch my guess is you will not have power on the white/green, [hazard power] so either the fuse is bad, [replace with a new or known working one to be sure] or there is a problem between the fuse and the switch, [wiring]. 94

alright guys I found the problem…I fixed it today like FCM said…look at your fuse box in the engine bay if the little white/green wire is cut or not connected your hazzards wont work. I reconnected it and the turned on right away…hope it helps guys thanks again fcm

can you post a pic of this wire? and the fuse box??

This tread is 2 years old.94

there is a schematic chart with lables on the under side of the fuse box, follow that to locate the wires.