Hazard lights not working

Ok…like the title says, my hazards are not working. not sure if they were working before or not…but a few days ago i turned on the switch and nothing. my signals left and right works fine though. so if anyone has an idea on how to fix it, i’d appreciate it.


See if that helps.

nope…that didn’t help, but thanks anyways. anyone else might know?

You didnt say you checked the fuse?

do you know what fuse?

If you have checked and the hazard fuse, [in engine bay fuse box] is good you probably have a problem withe the hazard switch, you will need to pull the switch and check to see if there is 12V+, [hot at all times] on the white/green lead, if so, the switch is bad, to confirm, turn hazards on and check for power on the green/white lead, there should be none:hmm: 94

which fuse is it?? i don’t want to take them all off and check…cuz i’m not sure if it’s going to mess things up even more.

Sorry, my Haynes only give CDM hazard fuse location, fuse 34 - 10A, [hot at all times] in under hood fuse box, for USDM model it only indicates that it is a 10A, [hot at all times] in under hood fuse box, I understand it depends if car ha ABS or not.

Instead of pulling all the fuses, test them in place, the fuses have two little “test holes” in the top, stick probe there.
You could also just pull the hazard switch and test for power on the white/green then the green/white with hazard switch on.:think: 94

My Car is GS model…w/ ABS, but yeah thanks FCM

my hazard fuse was a 10A right next to/on top of my battery on a 91 GS with ABS, i had the same problem as you and after replacing it, it fixed em :smiley:

could be your ICU

could be your ICU
The ICU does not control all the hazard lights, only the front side markers.:whisper:94

I was pretty sure I read on here before that the hazards were one of things affected by it :shrug:

i’m too lazy to go check it out…maybe later.:dozing: