head bolt rounded.

I am replacing my head gasket because the one that is on there is crap. Well I can not get one of the head bolts off. the top of it is rounded off. What do I do?

grind it off then use a small pipe wrench to take the stud out.Make sure you clean the shavings us real good.

I don’t think I understand you. Grind off the bolt. How do I grind off the head head bolt? It’s the one in the far corner. It’s not one that is easily accessable, like the middle ones. How do I grind it? And is this method recomended for a head bolt?


You need to get a small air die grinder and a metal porting bit. If you use the correct tools it is easy, takes a couple of min.

GOOD LUCK BRO!!! i broke my timing belt and rounded two head bolts. one of which are where your talking about. not to scare you, but i’m now in the process of swapping the engine cause i tried EVERYTHING except grind off the head of the bolt. let us know how it goes.

The same thing happened to me, and 5 min latter it was off.
die grinder with small steel porting bit…