Head Gasket

Well I found out the other day that my head gasket had blown between the 3rd and 4th cylinder… I was just wondering how long would it take to change one… i havent done one on a 1.8l dohc from honda yet and i was wondering if it would be eaisier than mitsubishis 420a 2.0l engine… If you guys could tell me the eaisest way to do it… it would be greatly appreciated… and also the torque specs for certain bolts

get yourself a helms or chilton if you don’t have one yet. It’s an invaluable resource when it comes to engine breakdown. took me about four hours to remove the head my first time and three hours the second time. There are just so many little things that are crucial and easy to miss that a manual is almost necessary. also if you search around i know a few months ago we were giving hints to someone about tricks on removing the head and the entire process thereof.

aright thanks… i got a manual… i have it mostly brokedown… just the manifold bracket givin me trouble now

as many extensions as you can find and go at it from beside the exhaust pipe

yes and from under the car. i just finshed doing the same job a week ago on my teg. i wasn’t happy about it at all, and i’m still not lol. if u got a manual u’ll be fine

make sure when removing the HEAD its at TDC. it makes it hella easier & dont forget those bottom 2 bolts that hold the IM (muthfu&ers)…loOL

Have & buy everything you need.

well i got the head on and everything seems to be going fine… im taking my injectors in today to get them cleaned out… when i took the head gasket out it didnt even look blown… the damn place didnt even do a leak down test!!! but the gasket didnt look the best eaither so at least i know its got a new head gasket… 1 problem did happen tho… i was putting the intake cam on and i got to the last cam holder (closest to the cam gear) and the stupid bolt broke off in there… now i gotta drill the stupid thing out… i was so pissed… it wasnt even tight yet and i was only doin like a couple rotations at a time then go to the other bolt so it went down evenly… other than that i pretty much got it complete… and if the car is at top dead center… would both the 1 and 4 cylinder be up flush… or do i need to give it another half rotation??? cuz if thats how it is then i already have it timed too!!! lol I just couldnt see the marks on the bottom so i just went untill the piston on the drivers side was up

Number 4 is at tdc of the exhaust stroke when number 1 is tdc on compression stroke. Same thing happens to cylinders 2 and 3.:slight_smile:

loOOl same thing happend to me on the cam bolts… I broke 2 on my last teggy…:slight_smile:

the cam cap bolts break extremly easy because oil gets down in the hole and there isnt anywhere for the oil to go once you start turning the bolt.