head/tail lights are always on

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a 90 LS and when I start my car, and once I drop my ebrake, all of the lights outside turn on and stay on, untill I turn off the car.

You have a Canadian model it comes with day time running lights.:whisper:94

yeah but should all of my lights be on?

Yea, normally only the high beam is on, [through resistance so they are dimmer] and in my Haynes manual it shows a connection from the park light circuit to the “ICU” only on 90 tegs with “DRL”.

Let me ask you this. what head lights are on, and are they on at full brightness?:shrug: 94

I have Hids in my car so i dont know if they are full power.

But is it the low beam or high beam, and does turning on the light switch change anything?:think: 94