Head Unit / Air Conditioning

Okay guys check this out when I turn my key to the on and start position my head unit and blower motor cuts off. But when I put the key in acc the head unit stays on and I know the blower motor doesn’t come on unless the key is on the “on” position. Well I check all fuses(inside and outside). I also mad sure no wires were touching. I search simliar thread about the ing switch could be the problem but no sure. Anybody got in other troubleshooting steps or way the solve the issue w/o taking it to a shop.


P.S sometimes when I’m driving to blower and cd player will cut off but it usually cuts back on within a few minutes. Now its been 5 hours and it still has come back on.

Never mind I found a workaround.

Here how fixed a.k.a workaround

  1. Locate the positive wire for you blower motor and locate the ignition source wire from you head unit.
  2. Just reroute those two wires to a different iginitiion source.


grounds might be a little messed up… try getting an earthing kit.

Sounds like your ign. switch is heading west. you can check this by,[ when HU and blower not working] switch ign. off/on a few times, and if the HU and blower cut in and out, its the switch, replace it. :think: 94