Head Unit Installation

ok, plan is to take my CD player out of my volvo and put it into my integra. my teg has a CD player in it but it doesnt work. what im wondering is what is the best way to break the dash down to get to the CD player, i trying pullin on it a lil bit but its pretty snug. if there are any links you could send me to that’d be great. thanks

If you dont have the “keys” to the old cd player and if the cage of the cd player is installed correctly, it would be pretty hard to take it out without breaking anything. I suggest taking out your center console. To do so, take off your knee bolters/underdash on both sides( passenger side has two screw/driver has 3, one under the coin tray). Once those are off, take screws off the center console where those other plastic pieces were covering(should be 2 on each side). Then there are two screws on the actual side of the console. Then 2 more facing up where the little center light above the radio is. From there take off your shift knob and pull it into 2nd, 4rth or reverse. The gently pull out and up on the center console to get it out. Might take a little bit of moving around till you finally get it out. Then from there you should see 4 screws holding the stereo panel in its place, take those off and you should be able to take off the old stereo. Install is just reverse order of what i just typed.

If any of this is wrong someone please correct me or feel free to add your advice…