header bolt question..

so when I bought this car it had 2 of the header studs snapped off, I was concerned about this because of the exhaust leak. yesterday I confirmed that I had a leak but it was because of a cheap gasket (looks like Fail Pro). My plan is to replace the gasket with and OEM metal, and try and replace the studs. One looks like it might be easy (maybe weld a nut to it, and then screw is off?) the other looks to be a lot tougher. Should I try this on my own or just take it to a machine shop?

what are your ideas? By the way its the 2 studs closest to the distributer side of the engine. 1 upper & 1 lower…

you could try to latch some vice grips onto it and turn it.

had the same problem…went to put a header on and snapped 2 of them off when i yanked the manifold…when i got it out of the way i put some vice-grips on it and they came right out no problem…went to acura and got new oens for like 3 bux

I think I can try that on one of them, the other looks like it snapped off deeper in the head but I can’t tell till I probe it or remove the header… :squint:

thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.

if one of the bolts is unreachable by visegrips you could try using a bolt/screw extractor they sell them at most autoparts stores.

i’ve always used vice grips when i cant put two nuts on and lock them together. if its broken in flush then welding a nut will be the easiest solution. besides that you can try a bolt extractor but rarely works. last option is to drill and tap.

Cool, I’ll try that soon. Should I just go with OEM or is there a quality aftermarket gasket I can use? I had a chance to get a NOS mugen but held off, I feel like kicking myself LOL

is it the same rule when removing the studs- lefty loosy?

Thanks guys

i used fel-pro without any problems… 2 different kinds also… the metal fiber gasket and the all metal gasket.

I never heard good about them. I’ll do the OEM instead, can’t go with wrong with Honda :up: