header choice for N/A b18a

ok i know that generally 4-1 headers are better than 4-2-1 if going the N/A route, but then i read an article that said it depends on the construction of the header that really counts. because i belive spoon or toda [i forgot] has a 4-2-1 header that works just as well as a performance 4-1 header and that got me thinking. so my main questions is would a dc 4-2-1 header or JDM ITR 4-1 header be better suited. say i had CTR pistons, crower 404s, skunk2 manifold and bored TB [those are my goals]
anybody?? i plan on taking my car to the 14s maybe 13s if even possible.

and also for all those N/A b18a racers here…what headers do YOU use???

I’m runnin Neuspeed N2 headers…excellent header, fairly cheap…I think they go for less than $300US on JCWhitney.com.
An EXACT and improved Replica of DC CC.

If you want Stainless, then go for DC. A bit more expensive…
Spoon, Toda, JUN, Hi-Tech, etc…Pay a LOT of money. Dan (G2guru has a JUN header on his car…he absolutely LOVES it, but paid about $900 to $1200US for it…Being a student, I don’t have that kinda money…)

I think I am going to go with a JDM ITR 4-1 with my LS with cams & headwork

i was thinking how well the dc/n2 headers flow once you have a higher compression and wilder cams [your typical na setup].