Header Help

Anyone out there have any info on installation of a DC SS 4-2-1 header for a 92 teg gs??? Also, will i need any additional fitting when swapping in the dc’s and out with the stock headers?? Thanks for letting me know.

92 teg GS: aem intake, type r short shifter, hopefully SS dc header.

I installed the same header (2-piece) on my 90 LS a while ago … it’s pretty simple, just follow the instructions DC sends you. Only problem you might have are the rusted bolts on the exhaust manifold/downpipe flanges. Use lotsa WD-40, and do it while it’s kinda warm … oh yeah get some Mechanix gloves or sumthin … burning skin doesn’t smell very good … :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

And as for the O2 sensor, easiest thing to do is buy a new one … Bosch sensors sell for $30 US, i think a member said that last week. Good luck!