Header Install

I got what I wanted for Christmas… Brand new DC headers. :smiley:
Can somebody run me through that basic installation process? I bought a new Mr. Gasket copper gasket, in case my old one is bad, and it comes with the other gasket. It should be a pretty easy install, I guess? :shy: I’m fairly mechanically inclined, and my dad kicks ass, I just want to make sure there’s no inherant problem our 'tegs have with header installations.
Thanks much!:cool:

Some breaker-bar-type leverage to use on old bolts is going to be extremely helpful. I used my regular old ratchet socket set, and a 3-foot long pipe to slide over the handle… that sumbitch loosened everything EASILY.
Also spray WD-40 all around the oxygen sensor, and let it sit a while, then you can loosen it from your old exhaust manifold. Put some anti-seize compund or a little bit of motor oil on the sensor thread before you re-install it, so that it will come out a lot easier next time.
It’s pretty easy though, and should only take a few hours including breaks… good luck!


I highly suggest an O2 sensor socket. It makes getting that thing out cake. Its basically a deep socket but its got one side cut out for the wire.

But really, if you’re putting in new headers and you’re still running a stock O2 sensor, just lay down the $20 for Bosch one and put a new one in.


$20 for a Bosche o2 sensor? No ways!
Carparts.com is $180 bucks…ahck too much to spend on a stoopid sensor…hehe

o2 sensors

the 92-93 sensors are like three times the 90-91 sensors because they are heated.


thanx for your help, the headers SHOULD be arriving today… i asked some guys at shops and they said the bosch sensor is nowhere near as good as the OEM one. :rolleyes: They said you gotta splice wires, and stuff isnt quite the same, or somethin stupid like that. I’m just gonna stick with my factory sensor… thanx!:ok:

Booo, the header didnt come today, but shipping to MD always takes forever… Okay, which part of the header sucks to put in place? Where it meets the head, or where it meets the exhaust, or the whole thing? :confused: Anybody know of extra parts/bolts I will want to have on hand or replace? I assume that DC just makes one header for our 92-93 tegs, b/c when i ordered, it said GS/GSR and thats the same as my LS, right? I hope so, if someone could clue me in, that’d be excellent!:wink:

I busted one of the bolts off my stock header when I took it off. I wasn’t worried as I just threw it away anyhow. Where it connects to your head is pretty easy and I changed my gasket with another honda oem gasket. It’s really pretty easy to do especially if you have air tools. unplug the oxygen sensor and take it out after you remove the header, it’s 10x easier.

When I put my header on my 90 Teg. I had to lenghten the wire to the O2 sensor. I was relocated right before the converter. Not sure about the 92-93’s. So have some wire and butt connectors handy. Also while taking the bolts that hold the stock manifold to the down pipe off one rounded off and had to but cut off with an air chisel. The upper part would be the hardest to get into place but not that bad. If you have air tools and a helper you should be fine. Just go back in about a week or two and retighten the bolts that hold the header to the head. I use a copper gasket too and there were a couple that were a little loose but after the second tightening they have held.

i hear someone say $180 for bosch O2 sensor? thats too crazy. they cost less than $50. i have that in my car when i put my stock headers back on. if i were you id shop around. i got mine at Kragen Auto Parts here in So.Cal

Originally posted by joesosilly
i hear someone say $180 for bosch O2 sensor? thats too crazy. they cost less than $50. i have that in my car when i put my stock headers back on. if i were you id shop around. i got mine at Kragen Auto Parts here in So.Cal

but didn’t they just mention that the 92-93 02 sensor was like 3x as expensive? fromn your profile looks like you have a 90-91… so this could be correct.

my bad fellas =)

I got FINALLY installed the header today! :smiley: You cannot imagine my joy… The install was pretty easy, thanx for all your guys’ help. The hardest thing was removing the lowest bolt on the heat sheild! The install was made easy because my dad has nifty stuff like an air ratchet, and i know the bolts are perfectly tight thanks to his torque wrench. We heated up the old bottom pipe with a torch, and the 02 sensor came out quite quickly.I can feel some nice improvement in low end torque, and some decent acceleration improvement. Only problem is the gasket inbetween the end of the bottom piece of the header and the catalytic converter needs to be replaced. It has this funny sound 'cause of the exhaust leak, but I’ll be able to replace it with no problems.:wink:
Thanx again for your help!


wow, must be nice to have all those nifty toys… :slight_smile:

i don’t even have a garage!