header open

is that header open more power or just loss the TQ?:think:

do u mean open header? if so… do not run it like that. it sounds extremely loud, and its only good for high end power gains, and yes u do lose torque.

may i ask… what motor are u running, and what are u planning to ultimately do? track? street? weekend warrior?

just like on street

ill vouch for the loudness, when i put my header on i couldn’t resist atleast taking it up and down the road once (was at my buddies, he lives out in the country soo… lol) … and yes, loud, vtec… yes… loud :stuck_out_tongue: but i was having to much fun to “feel” if i had lost any torque, just playing around 6500-7500 was fun though :stuck_out_tongue:

on the street… i dunno where exactly u are from. ur location in ur profile is throwing me off. but if its illegal to run without an exhaust (which it is in most states) then i suggest u do NOT run open headers. anybody behind u will be able to tell that u are running open headers VERY EASILY. but its ur own choice. personally i like it when ppl try not to kill our ozone n shiet, cuz i like to breath in decently clean air, not smoggy crap.

ps. you will lose torque. its not hard to figure out that u will lose back pressure which helps with torque. balance is key.

lolol i just curious to ask it… and i just only use header with cat back open it just str8 pipe end the cat back it sound good and silence when hit gas get loud well i am deaf!:rockon:


serious. save the ears of innocent ppl. put a cat and a muffler on that thing. you are making other ppl suffer for ur poor taste.

Yes, please put a muffler, cat, and resonator on the exhaust. It will make everyone happy. I really don’t understand the people who drive on the street with raspy or loud exhaust and think they are the HOTTEST car on the street. When people look at em, that person probably thinks, “Oh that person looking at my car thinks my exhaust is freakin great!” NOT AT ALL, what someone is really thinking when they hear a stupid sounding exhaust on a car is like WTF that sounds like crap, why do they even have that on the car thinking they’re cool with that?




what abt no catback just alll the pipe to muffler?

is that make gains power without catback?

you need to research a lot it seems…


you need to research a lot it seems…[/QUOTE]


and nice pic… I’m the bald one.

Dr79Rc: u have a street driven da, a dd (daily driver). put the headers if u like, get a high flow cat if u like or stock cat (put a cat no matter what u decide), then regarding the muffler… a muffler is muffler. u aren’t putting a high performance catback exhaust, so a muffler that fits and works is good idea. and when i mean muffler i mean muffler. if u wanna put a fart can (canister style exhaust) then that’s your choice, just know that its only a street car, and the performance gains u will get will be minimal, so why not save the rest of the hearing that u got left and make you’re car a bit more enjoyable to the community?

for u to put a straight pipe on a street car is a HUGE waste of $$$/time/metal. also it is illegal in some states, for sure in california, and it pollutes the air. that tiny gain that you’ll get in the high end portion of your power band will be pretty small… even if u were stupid enough to street race… u probably wouldn’t be able beat a stock da that was maintained better anyways.

thats just my $0.02.

i’m done with this topic.