Header Question?

Hey guys just wondering, i have the opportunity to pick up either a “98 SPEC ITR header” or the DC JDM ITR header…just wondering what would be the better one to go with?.. now they are both 4-1 w/ 2.5" collectors and the only difference i could find was that the 98 spec ITR header is 1. genuine HONDA and 2. it fits better, as in not hanging low like the DC one does…if there is anything else i should know let me know what you guys think…thanks!


Honda JDM :
-'s - it really needs to be rewelded and it costs more.
+'s - it has the little covers and so looks stock if you’re in cali where they are picky as hell and it wont dent easy

im going with the DC myself. getting one for 285 shipped. cant argue with that. and my car isnt that low

the jdm itr header doesn’t really have a 2.5" collector. its a dual wall design, the outside makes it look 2.5", but in reality its closer to 2.25" of course thats better than the usdm stuff and any aftermarket headers for our cars which are all 2" collectors.

the dc jdm itr does in fact have a full 2.5" collector. But yeah, it hangs pretty low, not sure how much lower than the jdm itr though.