header question

Just wondering if anyone has a megan racing or obx header? just wondering if you can tell a difference in performance between either of those and say DC??..im in college so i have rent/gas/bills etc to pay for so if possible i’d like to save $ where i can…thanks for the help

**oh ya, does anyone on here have Invidia exhaust??

i doubt u can tell the differnace power wise
dc good for ca peeps with carb

i have a dc and a megan
the megan runners are a tad bigger+cleaner
plus my dc cracked and the megan hasnt…but the megan is fiarly new…but still if megan had a carb i would still use it but for now i gota keep it down low with the 5-0

i have a megan racin header and it works 4 me u kno like u can feel a difference or wateva. not hatein on dc, but 4 some1 n ur situation, id go 4 megan. w/ that xhaust though, 1 of my bois has it and its loud as shit, i mean if u can pay tickets or wateva get it, id go 4 somethin more like tha RS-r catback, it looks stock plus its quiet until u get on it.

I have a OBX header but the problem with it is the ports are much smaller than the stock header and does not match the head ports. I do feel the new gains from it but Im sure it would work much better if they did match. Im going to eventually get a DC sports header.