Headlight Duct

I’m currently building a Time Attack integra. I’m looking for someone that makes a headlight duct for the passenger side headlight. I know people make them for the EF’s DC’s and basically every other chassis under the sun. Anyone have an idea on where to find one for a DA?

Can you post a link to the EF one?

Would like one also. I think cause the housing is so big no one has made them

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That’d be a perfect scenario to use a 3D printer. If only I had the time to model that up.

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yup! pretty sweet.

If I had the time I would model so many parts! I used to do 3D modeling back in the day. Now, there’s barely time to do anything. Need to hit that lottery.

So I have a few 3D printers… are you looking for a whole JDM style headlight or just an OEM center section. Could be a fun little project.


Oem center section would be just fine i think.

I would need the whole jdm style. Unfortunately I don’t have a set of oem headlights. But if you just do the center section I’ll still be interested.

I have a pair of one-piece lenses that are painted with just the clips. I use them for my track car, but if you could use them for modeling a 3D design and have a large enough 3D printer, we could work out some sort of arrangement. I’m considering vents on both sides of my headlights; one for oil cooler and one for turbo inlet… again, track car with no need for functional headlights.


I have sets of both the JDMs and Factory units. It sounds like the whole JDM housing is the most wanted. i have a couple other projects I am working on but I’ll post updates here

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