Headlight problem

heres the problem, whenever i turn on my low beam my left healight goes out; but whenever i turn on my high beam it turns on and my right headlight goes out and the left one bcomes real dim. I am running 9004 hyper white xenon’s. today i replaced both bulbs with the stocks ones and they both work fine. i have no clue what the problem is, can anyone help???

Likely your Hyperwhite bulbs are dying or already dead. If the stocks worked fine but these do not, then put 2 and 2 together – bad bulbs. Also, before chucking those Hyperwhite’s away, disconnect the negative battery cable. Then clean the contacts for the headlight bulbs (the little slots and prongs) with some Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. Let them dry for a few minutes and reconnect the negative battery terminal. Then, pop the bulbs back in and see if that helps. Maybe the new bulbs weren’t making as clean of a contact with the terminals as the stock ones did.