Headlight question, changing bulbs

I was wondering if it is absolutely necessary to remove the front bumper to remove the headlights? I just got new fog light bulbs and I wanted to put them in and I thought I got all the bolts off of the headlight, but it seemed there was one underneath holding it in place. I just wanted to know if I’m going to have to take off the bumper just to change my bulbs :argh:

foglights? USDM or JDM? USDM fog have a bolt somewhere in the area between the red arrows in the pic that needs to be removed i think its 8mm . Once its out BANG you’re good.

yeah, USDM…so all I have to do is remove that and take that piece off? Yay…lol

yeah remove the 8mm blot and i think the light tips up and out you’ll see once you get the bolt removed. Its cake i shit you not. If I can do it ANYONE can.

lol all right thanks Junkman, I’m about to go do it now :up:

I got em in, I’ll take pics lata :slight_smile: