headlight reminder chime

so i recently went to the junkyard and picked up about 4 headlight chimes.

in hopes that one would work.

i tried all 4 and nothing.

is there something else i need to check?

our headlight chime is behind our head unit correct?

Correct, little silver square box behind the head unit. As for troubleshooting that’s up to somebody with knowledge in electrical, sorry

Guess all the chimes from the junkyard were broken

Why not try to open one up, could be a simple weld from the soder cracked. All it may need is a reheat and your good. That’s how I fixed the blinking green lights in the heater control unit.

Now that I think about it I can’t even find the plug that hooks up to mine, it’s been disconnected since I bought the dam whip.

Are you sure that’s what is wrong? The chime works via the door switch – a black, L-shaped object inside the door jamb. Sometimes the connection there is bad. Try pressing on the black piece, moving it back and forth, or even tightening/loosening the silver screw behind it. I remember this happened to me several years ago.

If you already checked that out, I wonder if the integrated control unit could be the culprit.

Its the ICU. Mine never worked as long as ive had my car and as soon as i replaced that it worked and all i wanted to do was fix my intermittant wiper. The ICU controls alot of things thats one of them

so the icu could malfunction even with all other functions working correctly?

Yes the ICU goes bad in stages (as the capacitor leaks / damages the printed circuit).