Headlights go dim/off while driving

Hello everyone, I did search but came up dry on this one…

I’ve got a 90, and often at night while I am driving, my headlights will go dim, and sometimes off. I turn them off quickly and back on and sometimes they come right back on, sometimes they take a moment. I don’t have to be braking and I haven’t noticed a difference if I am Accelerating or Decelerating.

Did i mention everything else works fine? only my HEADLIGHTS?

help me pls.

I’m going to check my grounds today, and get my alternator checked as well, its just so weird…

Thanks in advance

my buddy’s car did that with one headlight. part of the reason was his headlight bulb was barely connected and his ground was not done properly. i connected the headlight and re-wired the ground and it works perfectly.

High beams, low beams or both?

When it happens does the flash to pass still work?

If it is both the high and low beams and flash to pass still works the problem is the head light switch, you will need to replace it.:dozing:94