Headlights stopped working.. how do I fix this?

I jsut installed subs in my Teg this weekend and today my headlights were’nt working, the highbeams still work but not the normal headlgihts…

Maybe I blew a fuse or something? How do I fix this and how do I stop this from happening again.

well check the obvious.

check the bulbs.
check the fuses.
check wires.

how do I check the fuses, I am really noob to cars, is there tutorial online I could check?

Usually the fuse panel is on the bottom of your dashboard on the drivers side right next to the door. The cover of it says fuses. Open that. Look on the backside of the cover for what they call a fuse map. It will tell you what fuses are where and how many amps they should be. Find the headlight one and just pull it out. Look to see if the piece of metal that goes from one side to the other is broken. If it’s not it’s probably fine. Sometimes they can be dead even though that metal piece is ok and the best way to know is to use a test light but I’m not going to go through that so go to any gas station or auto parts store and cough up 80 cents for the EXACTLY RIGHT AMP FUSE. There is a number on the end of the fuse, better yet take it with you and show the person at the store. If you put one in that is too high you can cause a fire, too low and the fuse pops ever 10 mins. :up: :up: :up: