headlights turning yellow

hey there guys, how do i get my headlight to be clear again. driver side headlight, its turning yellow from the inside. here’s a pic., you guys have any ideas/tips you want to give to a newbie? tia, davE

In the drop down menu, there is a section called teg tips. There is a section in that called “lighting”. In there, you will see how to renew your lights. Lots of good info in the teg tips.


From the inside?? Theres info on how to clean the insides in teg tips?

Might be difficult to do anything about the insides. If you have a kid brother with really small hands that might help.

Is it like mildew/fungus or does it just look like some UV yellowing?

If its in the inside, you’re gonna hafta have some small hands or might even have to split the headlights apart, clean em out, then put em back together… but that’s last ditch effort… those headlights cost enough already, taking them apart is fricken’ scary!

If it’s the outside, follow the teg tips… here’s the link:


Well they are Asian headlights, right? Duhhh of course they are going to turn yellow.