Will those headlights fit our cars? 93 integra here.

I dont like the 1pc ones everyone gets, to me they dont look much different. I like the carbon fibre look…if these fit that would rock. anyone know?


those headlights are for the jdm dc chassis integras. they will not fit our cars as a direct bolt-on, but, if you have the money for modifying the car to accomodate the lights, then it’s possible. i recall a member had that done to his car, but i forget who.

if you can even afford to buy those, a little modding is nothing compared to how f*king awesome they look on our cars =P

this might sound stupid but that price is for BOTH right?

Besides where would you get the body mods from? A body shop or a specialty shop? I’m not sure of places here in frederick. Maybe one in thurmont named ricks body shop. 8P