Heat controll problem

I am having a problem with my heat controll can turn the knob Fromm hot to cold if anyone has any advice on what the problem could be I would greatly appreciate it

[QUOTE=NpG2dA;2205366]can turn the knob Fromm hot to cold [/QUOTE] So what is the problem???

MM&Y of car would also help. 94

My bad on the typo it’s 92 Integra and ment to say I can’t turn the knob that controlls the hot or cold

Anyone with the answer please reply

Anyone with the answer please reply

follow the cables that run out the knob. Make sure there is nothing blocking them.
Might need grease or lubricating oil on the part where it pivets and turns. Also the inside of that box there is a screw type thing that is where the knob attaches to. And if that “screw” gets off its rail it wont turn

Ditto the above^^^ but befor you pull the dash apart, confirm itis notjust a stuck heater control valve, [water valve]… http://www.acurapartswarehouse.com/Page_Product/PartDetail.aspx?catalogID=6&productID=3&yearID=12&doorID=3&gradeID=8&areaID=1&transmissionID=4&originID=-1&colorLabelIDs=-1&colorLabelID=-1&sectionID=5&idAndImageID=983%20378999&isBigPicture=False remove cable and see if you can turn valve by hand, if not, [common problem on older Honda/Acura] replace valve, if you can, go with the above. 94