heat gun

weird question i know but… just got my JDM 1 pieces in today and i would like to get started on the installation. gotta remove the glare guard first tho so where could i find a heat gun? i’ve tried a few places already. has someone bought one and remember where they got it or just knows a place that sells them? thanks


home depot

most hardware stores. Home Depot, Orchard, Ace, ect.

i inherited a milwaukee from my wife’s grandfather. 10 adjustable heat settings, and it works great for everything–1-pieces, fiberglass work (helps it cure faster), painting…everything. very good investment to make. :up:

how much would 1 go for at home depot?

Just use a blow dryer, it might take longer but it will work, thats how i took off my glare gurads…this way you save money…good luck!

nm about the home depot question. i found one at ace hardware for $20. i would use a blow dryer… (again) but the last time i used it for clearing out my tailights it took forever and i kinda killed the blowdryer… :giggle:


MATCO truck $30.00 4 speed fan and 5 settings for heat its sweet