Heater/AC Fan

This is more of a question than a problem, but in my car the Heater/AC fan has four settings on the knob, for some reason if I put it on the first or second setting the fan doesn blow at all, yet when I put it on the third or fourth the fan starts blowin air out, what’s up with that. Is this the same for anyone else? Not a problem I just think it’s weird.

Most likely the blower resistor is shot. It’s on the top of the blower housing. It costs about $30 and is easy to replace. Especially if you have a manual.


My fan has been giving me problems for quite a while. Sometimes when I swtich it on I can turn it to all of the speed settings and absolutely nothing will happen. I switch it on and off a few times, but get nothing. So, I just leave it to an on position and while I’m driving it’ll kick on. Very annoying. So, I guess it’s kind of a similar problem but a little different. Anyone have some ideas for us?