Heater and blower quit working any help?

i have a 90 integra. i went to work the heater was working fine no issues. shut the car off went in to work. when i got off work i crank the car and nothing. look around no busted wires or anything. im stumped. any suggestions? any help is apreciated:bang:

Is the passenger side floor wet? Common prob on our tegs is that when its raining, water leaks down through the blower motor cabin and onto the passenger carpet. Eventually blower motor will rust out and fail.

Yes it is I’ve been trying to fix it but it keeps raining on me and I have no covered area… but go figure I’m over her going through the fuses and plugs etc… my buddy shows up asks what’s wrong I tell him 10sec later its all working…

Have you check the 40 PAL fuse? or your resistor is shot. Both easy to pull and check.

the blower motor is going out. it will get stuck sometimes. i just tap it a bit and it will take right off. thanks for the help tho

might not be the motor though could be something jammed in the fan part. I recently took mine apart that’s why I’m throwing in what I replaced.