Heater Fan

I have a 90 LS, my current problem is that the heat/air fan does not turn on in the first two positions. I have to turn it to the third position before it blows. Any thoughts? Just replace the switch?


heater fan

more than likely your fan blower resistor bad.resistor locate by the blower motor.cost about $20.00

maybe the contacts are worn down? check the teg tips to see if you can adjust them.

Yup… IT’s your fan resistor… common integra problem. It’s located in the top of the fan housing behind the glove box… two screws or nuts? hold it in if I remember correctly- The dealer should stock this item.

Easy to FYI =)

hi bog,

I don’t know if the technology is exacly the same, but we had the exact same problem with our 93 Accord. The mechanic expected some resistor, but it turned out to be that the wires on the back of the dial had come off on the settings that didn’t work. He just had to plug them back in, and it worked fine again. I guess it was vibration over many years that loosened them off.

Anyway, I hope this helps.