Heater Knob problem.

i have a 92 GSR and slowley the heating seems to be messin up then it finally did. First the buttons wouldnt light up you would have to push it hard. Them the HIGH on the fan switch stopped workin and today i got in it and put the heater on and nothing worked at all. What do you guys suggest?

The buttons are known to fail due to faulty soldiering. The fan speed could be related to the blower motor failing due to water leaking into it over the years (from the cowl under the windshield).
If you need another climate control unit , I have one from my parts car that was working. However due to the nature of a nearly 2 decade old electric part I cannot in anyway warranty it. $25 shipped to your door.

or you could open yours up like me and fix it, plus replace lights. The you know it wont fail again.

that too as per the teg tip. The blower motor on the other hand, if its shot its shot. You should also check the resistor mounted on top of the blower motor, for instance if the blower motor is shot and the resistor is good you could save it as a back up.

I just bought another g2.
The fan on 4 doesn’t work either. Weird.

I’m gonna pick up another fan/climate control unit and see if that works.

Anybody else know for sure?

so do i need to replace where i turn the (the BOX) behind blower/AC knobs? I see where it has like four wires or something running in the side of it.and the climate control? do i replace it as well?

I’m not sure, but I’m gonna go pick that piece up anyways. Also grab an extra ICU too.

whats the (ICU)??? i took out the knob part it comes out like a cylinder and i went ahead and took out the climate control to put all new bulbs in it. I just bout the car wrecked so im just taking my sweet ass time. :shock:

integrated control unit and it has nothing to do with the climate control.

I was just gonna grab an (ICU) cuz the defrost button doesn’t work.
$5 bucks from a pick N pull, why not.

Still working on the Fan and climate control stuff though. Paid $5 bucks for that also.

i noticed when removing the heater control the control for HEAT/COLD switch is kind of wierd i hope i can get it back together right.

On the up side. i can replace all the blown bulbs. there is like 3 or 4. Then i have to get out the Gauge Cluster to put new bulbs in that. Is this a G2 teg thing too. BLOWN BULBS?

Yeah, I just got a G2 Teg and had to replace the bulbs in it. The gauge cluster was a pain to get out because of the speedo cable, but follow the Teg Tip and you should be fine.

ight imma give it a shot :run:

:squint: well i ended up pullin the clip off the cable while pulling on the cluster too hard. I just took pliers and forced it back on im thinkin its gonna be okay. Happened to anyone before?

^^Haha, probaly to everyone who’s tried it.

No Biggie, just put the clip back on, and you should be all good.

I’ve done mine at least 5-6 times already. My speedo still works fine.


if you need a cable I have one I can sell you.

naw i got that clip back on, messed the plastic up forcing it on but i think its ight:tapfing:

I just got done putting in a new climate control piece. WORKS, all the lights works again, and without pressing it hard or wiggling it around.

Also replaced the heater knob piece. My High (4) fan works again, but now the Low (1) is out. O-Well, it’s better than having the (1) and (4) out.

Swapped the ICU too, and now defrost button and corner blights work again.


:sipread: lol we are sad sad ppl