Heater motor replacement.

I had to replace my heater motor yesterday. It was a very simple job to do and the hardest part was keeping my hands from freezing since it was -30 C outside. Before replacing motor check to make sure the blower resistor is not blown. 9 out of 10 times this is the problem.

  1. Remove pasanger side panels and glove compartment.
  2. Disconnect power wire (blue/white) and resistor wire(blue/black)
  3. Remove A/C band, 1 screw.
  4. unbolt running light relay and disconnect and wires/connectors that may get in way.
  5. Remove resistor. (optional)
  6. Remove fresh air/reculiration cable from motor.
  7. Unblot 3 blots from motor housing.(10mm I think)
  8. Wiggle motor housing until it slips out. (Its a pretty tight fit but not impossible. ( that housing must weight like 10lbs,weight reduction!?)
  9. 3 screws hold motor in the plastic housing.
  10. Installation reverse of removal.( It tended to be a little easier to get the housing in that to get it out, there isn’t much room to wiggle it around, just don’t force it.
    I picked up my used heater motor from a scrap yard for like 50 bucks (CND). Probably costs around 300 from acura.