Heater not working well.. Is this why?

So, ive been having problems with my heat controls, they work when i turn the dial, however when i get to the last speed it makes this vibrating noise from my lower passenger foot area. i looked up some stuff and people say maybe my motor is out of place or maybe theres build up in my system somewhere… but i went down and unbolted a few things and came across this gap, when my fan is on i can feel all the air coming out here. is there supposed to be some form of grommet or seal between these two to stop the air from escaping? or do they just slide in together somehow?

I think there is a foam seal that seals that up. Mine was rotted when I fixed my air box. That gap is pretty big so it may have shaken loose. I just taped the gap around mine and havn’t had problems since.

Also, there is a metal lip that sits inside the blower motor. Pretty notoriously, it will rust away from the g2 cowl leak. I’d pull your blower motor and inspect the condition of it. I believe it’s inside the motor motor, but may be on the box itself. That’s where my “bearing” noise was coming from, because the metal rusted and sagged, causing the squirrel cage to spin against the metal.

How do I go about removing this blower motor ? I just unplug the connectors and unbolt it? Are there any other bolts in hard places or under the carpet?

there should be instructions with pictures in the service manual…

Thanks ill check my Haynes booklet, sorry to ask a obvious question I’m just away from home moving into a new apartment for school tryin to get as much as I can ready so when I get back this weekend I don’t have to take breaks and look at how to take shit apart