Heater problem!

Can anyone tell me why my heater is cold when Idling but when I accelerate then it gets hot. Is it the thermostat?

I had the EXACT same problem 2 weeks ago. The heat would be cold when I was stopped and warmed up when I was above about 2000 rpm. I was low on coolant. The overflow tank on my teg was still ok, but there wasn’t enough in the radiator. This solved the problem, but was signaled another problem… a coolant leak going to the throtle body housing.
Top off the radiator with 1/2 coolant 1/2 distilled water and post back and let me know if it worked.


I had the same problem last winter.
I noticed I would run out of coolent very oftern. found a leak in the radiator pipe. tried to fix the leak with stuff from auto-store but in vain. crack grew gradually So I replaced the radiator. Problem is gone.

I’ll give that a try and post back.

can someone tell me why i have no heat at all? i turn the knob all thee way on and nothing blows out. the only time i get a little heat is when im doing over 100 on the freeway. i checked the fuses and they’re fine. can someone help me? its starting to get real cold here.

no heat

1st make sure coolant is full.2nd possible stuck open thermostat.3rd check for broken cable run from the temp knob to heater control valve.4th clogged heater core.

thanks!! i will check those today and let you know how i made out!