Heavy duty clutch cable - Where to find?


I have a 91 Integra LS/VTEC with a heavy duty PP, 6 puck clutch and lightweight flywheel. Because of the increased load required to move the Pressure plate, I believe that the clutch cable is stretching. I can adjust the cable tightener, but I want to know if anyone makes a heavy duty clutch cable.

I’ve searched all over and can’t find one, so I’m hoping someone here knows something I don’t.

TIA! :):slight_smile:

as far as i know it doesn’t exist. get a new oem cable and you’ll be fine thats what the rest do. im actually still using the original cable with a dual spring pressure plate with no problems.

I have ran a 6 puck disc, lsvtec for 4 years now at least and have never strained a cable. Just go buy a new one, if yours is weak its prolly because its 15 years old.

Fair enough, I’m getting a new cable, but I wanted to see if a heavy duty option was available before making my purchase.

Happy motoring

-Shane :rockon:


I don’t know if the quality is supposed to be as good as oem or better, but its fairly cheap and made by a brand most trust. I’d give it a shot if mine wasn’t almost new.