Hella FF75 install (Supertone info)

I don’t post too much on G2IC… have been using the hell out of the search feature for tech support outside of my Helm’s… I thought I would share a small step in my pregress with the car.

To address my first problem with the G2… the hea dlights SUCK! I am use to my Impreza’s lights that put out better light in low beam than the G2 does in high… if that wasn’t enough, I had my Hella FF1000 driving lights to back me up (FF1000s are 6.5" driving lights with H1 bulbs… very nice). I ordered up a set of Hella FF75 driving lights from Ebay ($35 was a KILLER deal) and then ordered a set of clear acryllic stone shields from rallylights.com. All said, I spent $60 for the set up… the lights alone sell for $80 on rallylights.com.

Anyway… after a day’s worth of fabricating, wiring and installing, I have my lights installed… I have yet to be able to aim them, but I am VERY happy with them so far…

Car started as this:

Then to this:

The big red horns are Hella Supertones. They are the loudest non-air/train horns I have been able to find on the market… and what is better, they fit perfectly in the stock location. I got tired of big SUVs not seeing me, so now, they hear me.

And the lights completely installed:

Short of the blue Hella relay on the firewall, you have to look VERY closely to find the wiring… :smiley: all the hiding and fabricating spacers (the lights are mounted to the metal bumper, not the plastic cover… that way they do not vibrate and jiggle on the road) is what took most of the time… :slight_smile:

Next up… short ram intake with a heat shield. :slight_smile:

Looks nice but I think it would look nicer if you were to fit it underneath the bumper lens… I’m going to try that…

I had thought about putting them there, but the higher the driving light the better… fog lights would be PERFECT below the turn signals though.

I am also going to use the space below the passenger light to act as a scoop for air on the next project… the bumper is nicely shaped to let me use the opening as a way to get cooler air up into the short ram without having to run the risk of water ingestion (this is my daily driver as well as project).