Hello from Down Under (Horizon Grey DA9)

Hello G2IC, glad the site is up and running again. I’m new to the forum, but not to Integra’s or Honda’s, or forums, it’s quite odd posting on a forum, I haven’t in over 10 years!
I currently own a 1993 Honda Integra LS, manual, in horizon grey, which I bought in December 2021 for $1000, but I’ve had to spend 10x that on it, but I’m fine with it, as it’s a car for life. Bought the car with around 260k on the clock, no papers, no history, also no oil in the engine!

I live in Victoria, Australia, and there doens’t seem to be many of these left now over here. I see more at wreckers than for sale/on the road. I’m looking for some parts too, and a decent Honda tuner in Melbourne if anyone can help me out.

I’ve not driven it as much as I’d of liked to, as I’ve had dramas and still on-going ones with people who’ve worked on it. A mechanic had it for 7wks one time when I needed a new brake booster fitted, and ended up fitting an MC too and not telling anyone then charging me. Then 6 days after I got it back someone reversed into me, twice, at a servo while filling up. I had the windows tinted, and he’s done a piss poor job and also screwed my rear demister, so I’m currently taking him to a tribunal. I had a new windscreen fitted and some rust sorted, the rusts’ come back, so it’s now with them again being sorted. Seem to have endless problems with finding engine mounts that fit, wasted money on them, so I’ll just wait until I find a new engine and get Hasport/Innovative ones.

I’ve just had a few things done at the mechanics, and it’s now all good, but, I’ve realised my AC pulley bearing in buggered, and my sunroof is rusty. So they’re next to fix.

The work thats been done so far…

  • New brake pads and discs
  • New rear muffler (last one in Australia)
  • Two new engine mounts
  • New headlight globes (last ones in Australia!)
  • New shifter bushes
  • New driveshafts
  • New fuel filter
  • New spark plugs
  • New HT leads
  • New OEM cam cover seals
  • New OEM cam end plug seal
  • IACV and throttle body cleaned out
  • New M/C and brake booster
  • New OEM water pump
  • New Gates timing belt kit
  • New Gates alternator/PAS belts
  • Power steering pump rebuild
  • New custom made PAS hose
  • New oil filter and Mobil1 5w30 oil (I dont use any other oil)
  • New windscreen
  • Headlights refurbished
  • Roof repainted
  • Passenger side repainted
  • Front bumper repainted
  • New radiator cap, oil/coolant drain bolts

‘Spec’ so far…

  • Pipercross foam filter
  • NGK blue HT leads
  • Whiteline shifter bushes
  • Momo 330cm steering wheel, and boss kit
  • DIY personal non-smoker tray
  • Sony BT headunit and speakers
  • Tints (which need doing again, after window replacement)
  • Whiteline Shifter bushes
  • Enkei Fuji 15" wheels w/Kumho HS51’s (couldn’t find CPSII’s for it)
  • King springs, 30mm
  • Cusco front upper and lower strut braces
  • Skunk2 rear upper strut bar
  • Beaks rear lower strut bar
  • Aeriel has been removed (because I popped the motor :frowning: )
  • And I’ve got a nice SR2 Recaro to fit in as soon as I can.

Ideally I want to get a B16B for it, but that’s not going to be easy to find, and expensive. B16A or B18C would be good too, but again, not easy to find, and expensive. So I may just get a B20Z out of a CR-V, for the extra 20-30hp/lbft. As much as I love VTEC, I’m not paying $4000 for a B16A.

I don’t have many photos of the car, but here’s one from the weekend.


New build thread. I’m In! I’m needing some motivation…

My build threads are full on haha. My last car was an EE9 i turned into an EF9 and put a B16B in it. The thread for that went on for 7 years and thousands of photos. Im pretty busy juggling multiple jobs to stay alive, but I’ll try get more photos when im doing things on it.

Thanks for posting! Anxious to see the progress!

OMG it’s my favorite color. Beautiful.

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I’ll try and start a project thread this week, maybe today.


That looks great! A color I’ve never seen here in the land of milk in bags and maple syrup. I second the b20z. That’s the route I’m going. easy 165-ish whp with the PHK pistons and a set of decent cams with some mild head work. Apparently they’re very fun when paired with a b16 transmission.

How did you find the cusco lower bar fit? I have one sitting in my garage and it looked a little short when lining it up.

Fitted perfectly. I had the same one on my EF9 and it sat a lot lower than on my DA. You just need to put the bolts through the strut bar first, then push and screw them back in, because if you just do one side first, its a out 5mm off the other side.

I opted for all 4 strut braces, because it handles amazing as standard, as we all know, so makes sense to not disturb the setup by just having rear or just front, so stiffen all 4 points, and oh boy, feels solid as a rock into corners at high speed. Im quite in tune with my car, so i can feel any difference. I was surprised how cheap they were too, direct from Japan.

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Thanks! that makes sense. DA’s are great cars but with coilovers the rear end twists like a pickup truck. adding chassis bracing changed the game for me, and upgrading my front upper bar from an ebay special to a cusco was a surprisingly noticable change as well. cheers m8 and good luck with the rest of the build. keep us updated! :raised_hands:

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Yeah cheers man, will get a project thread going soon, just on holiday for a few more days, and got a few issues i could do with some help on.

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Car is now for sale, unfortunately. :frowning:

Sorry. Hope it goes to a good home. Sounds like you’re not happy about that decision.

Nah man, love my car, but times are really tough TBH, and i need a more practical car, I cant afford both.

Its been for sale for a while now and had no interest, so it might not sell for some time, which is slightly frustrating too.