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Wow this brings back memories! Sadly, after moving to Queens from Long Island in 2008, my baby quickly started deteriorating. Headlights constantly banged into, someone ripped off my rear wiper, etc etc. Those weekly washes went out the window.

One day it died. Couldn’t get it started so I parked it. Inspection expired. Eventually it got towed and I decided to pay the tickets and the let the city keep it. Without having anywhere to store it, I had no options.

It was a 2dr 93, auto-to-5spd conversion, sedan handles up front (no visible locks), battery relocated to the trunk, polished valve cover (that was NOT fun), painted gauge cluster as well as turn signals, etc.

Fast forward to now and I just got a 1990 Cherokee with 99k on the clock. But that integra was my baby! Don’t forget to check that PGMFI on hot days when it won’t start!!



Damn that sucks.

There have been a few cars of mine that had to go simply due to the fact of not having a proper place to keep it.

The Integra stays in storage and i really just try not to think about the expense lol.

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I get stopped a lot and asked if I’m willing to sell mine or the Mrs’ tegs. Sucks when you don’t have the space to hang onto them. :frowning: