help!!! alot of problems

ok so i have alot of problems going on right now but i am going to start off where the troubles started, i have a manual fan switch rigged up and i forgot to cover up one of the connectors with electrical tape so when i turned my fan on it accidently hit a piece of metal and sparked, causing that entire wire going from my battery to my fan switch catch fire, this in term killed my battery, i’ve purchased a new battery and car starts up fine, everything works fine, but then i try to rig up my fan switch again, and after i do that my entire speedo craps out, fuel gauge/temp gauge/rpm/ none of it works except my mpg gauge, that does work. also my interior clock is out and my seat belt doesn’t automatically roll back anymore, it just stays in the foreward position, anyone have any idea whats going on with my car?

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