HELP!! Brake lights permanently on

well i just rewired my front bumper lenses with a crappy switch (no fuse), and today i look outside, and my brake lights are permanently on.

hopefully i didn’t mess anything up by wiring up this switch… but this is the deal with the lights…

when the car is off the brake lights are on, i would suspect a problem with the brake pedal itself, but i’m pretty sure that the lights don’t get power when the car is off, hence they shouldn’t be on

so i disconnected the fuse in the engine for the stop/horn, which, for the teim has stopped the problem. but i have no brakelights.

if somebody could help me out i’d be really appreciative


and i have a 90 5-speed coupe

how could the lights possibly get power without the key?..

your brake lights always have power. And not that I doubt you but is it the brakes or the rear tailights?

no, i understand, it’s the brake lights. i say this because the 3rd brakelight is on

so you think it could be a problem with the pedal? that would be a relief to know that it’s not a weird wiring problem.

how exactly do the pedals activate the light?


check on your brake light switch, it’s located on the upper part of the brake pedal. not exactly on the pedal itself, but on a bracket in front of the pedal.