help broken spark plug

So i just bought this g2 3 months ago… fixed a bunch and figured i would replace the spark plugs with ngk.

But my 2 and 3 cylinder spark plugs broke out of the thread???

how do i get them out now?

i did i search and someone got theres out by thanking ez out… what the hey is ez out cuz i could really use it now…

u mean the spark plug snaped in half? probably going to have to take the head off and twist it the other way if not a machine shop can always get the job done.

well this is exactly what happened to me

but i have no clue how he ended up taking it off and he is a guest at this forum

Well, he said he thanked " EZ OUT". An EZ Out is basically a backwards threaded remover. You drill a hole in a broken bolt or stuck stud and then twist it in (again, backwards thread) and when it bottoms out you keep turning it and PRESTO, out she come! They come in usually 3-4 different sizes and are available from Sears and many other tool sources. Good luck.

thats not as bad… i thought you snapped the spark plug in half i guess you can reserach into easy-out =op

oh thanks for telling me what ez-out is… i’ll head to sears tomorrow bright an early.

Question though. If i start using that thread remover don’t i need to worry about debris and stuff falling into the cylinder chambers?

Well, if it were a bolt you’d want to be sure that you didn’t drill all the way through. You want the EZ Out to stop at the bottom of a hole before going all the way through. I can’t tell you how to deal with a spark plug since I’ve never seen a broken one. The core of it may already be hollow. You might just tap in the right size EZ Out and then start turning. You SURE don’t wanna dump that crap into the cylinder though.