Help! Can't Get Crank Pully Off!

I am right in the middle of a timming belt change and I can’t get the crank pully off. It just spins when I turn it. I don’t have any special tool to take it off. How do I go about this??? Thnaks.

Just to clarify, are you having trouble getting the pulley off or the bolt that holds the pulley on off?

Sorry the bolt, I also don’t have a air gun either :frowning:

Assuming it’s a manual and you have someone to help you and a big ass breaker bar, try putting the car in gear and then having someone hold the brakes, that ought to stop it from spinning. I’m only guessing this will work, I don’t see why not, but I haven’t tried it before. Other option might be to try using really big channelocks on the pulley (might scratch it), or a chain clamp (also might scratch it. Good luck! It is a bitch to get off.

Well, I don’t really WANT to scrach it if possible, but I guess I can see if putting it in gear and putting the brakes on may work, Thanks.


oh no!



ok. You know a mechanic? GO to him and borrow the crank pulley tool. Seriously. It makes life a LOT easier. I’ve tried stepping on the brakes and stuff…doesn’t really work. Plus, if u get it off how u gonna put it back on?

You have a big sledge? Try wacking it off, see if that will help.


Hey, I did search :smiley: I think I will end-up doing that, it sounds alot safer.

Originally posted by caliquick_teg
Hey, I did search :smiley: I think I will end-up doing that, it sounds alot safer.